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Those who don’t know mathematics it is tough to get through a real feeling as to the prettiness. Then it is difficult to feel the inherent beauty of nature. So if you want to know about nature and want to appreciate it, it is essential to understand the language that nature speaks.

When we learn more about nature, it becomes gradually evident that an accurate statement about nature is essentially mathematical. Everything else is a guess. So mathematics is an exact science. This is because nature is mathematical; any science that aims to explain nature is totally dependent on mathematics.  It is no possible to exaggerate this point.

Nature is distinctively mathematical, and nature speaks to us in mathematics. We just have to listen. Also, it is said that ‘mathematics is science without limit’ and that ‘mathematics is the language we write science’. So here are any examples on this point who has written an equation that is Paul Dirac and the live example is Jacob Barnett.

Mathematics is a language for conveying relations. Science tries to find the invariant relationships in nature. Any knowledge is about relationships. Any living creature is in relation to a nature by way of its body. The configuration of this relation is fixed in the sense-acting system of the living creature displaying as a mirror nature from a particular viewpoint.

The basic of mathematics and science is inherent and it is why we could afterward rediscover this by creating science and mathematics.  The relations between mathematics, science, and nature provide very rich abundant ground for good questions and thoughts.

Nature is the world or universe as it occurs. Science is the process of analysis the world, to know how it works. Mathematics is the language we use to convey the value of many measurements such as quantity, time, length, energy, and much more. Also, it is used to compare the interactions or happenings we observe.

Mathematics is one of the essential tools used by science or physical science to reveal the workings of nature. Those are mostly out of straight sight of the unassisted senses. Also, physical science is the best method formulated to understand how the world works. But this science does have limitations.

So there are many assumptions about the relationships between mathematics, science, and nature. But there is one example of it. Jacob Barnett is the perfect example of this relationship. As we know Jacob is the young boy with autism. But he is the genius as he has explained about the math and science. So he is a boy with exceptional qualities and abilities. In a way, he has described these topic or theories that are phenomenal.

Jacob Barnett is largely considered to be math and science prodigy. He started taking college courses at the very young age of 8. What is really amazing about Jacob Barnett’s story is its fateful beginning. He was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2. So many people doubted that he would still do things like talk or tie his own shoes. But then he started speaking shortly even before he went to third grade in the school. And in this way after gradual progress, he has learned everything.

Today Jacob Barnett is the well-known personality. At the very young he has achieved so much. He has tremendous talent that he is compared to Albert Einstein or many think he is genius like him. So in spite of autism Jacob has proved it that if you have talent then with so many hurdles in between you can achieve anything.

In this way, by different ways, the mathematics, science, and nature are related to each other. This is proven phenomenon.

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